Client Testimonials

Meet Agnes.

Agnes came to The Happy PA Academy after receiving her first girl big job offer. She completed the Contract Review, Salary Negotiation, and Tackle your Student Loan Debt sessions with Sam. Listen to what Agnes says about our coaching services!

Meet Julia.

Julia came to The Happy PA Academy as a PA student just a few weeks shy from graduation. She completed the Mock Interview, Build Your Confidence, and Contract Review/ Salary Negotiation class with Erin. Here is what she says about her experience!

More Testimonials

As a new grad I wanted to understand the contract that was in front of me and not be taken advantage of. Sami dissected the contract and gave me the pros and cons which was extremely helpful! She also answered ALL of my questions and provided supplemental tips. She even went a step further to think of creative ways to try to fix the cons in the contract. I learned a lot! I wished they lowered the price haha as a new grad its pricey, but nonetheless the information was gold.

- Sharon S., PA-C

In preparation for this, Sam sent me a pretend contract ahead of time, for me to read and review. I formulated some questions to ask my employer and we went over those. She didn’t hold anything back! At the end of the negotiation she explained to me the things that I had forgotten to ask and that I could not, by any reason, forget to mention!

After this session, she sent me a document with salary negotiation notes and the video recording of the meeting. I believe this is a very important part of the process because it gives me the opportunity to go back and review what I need to work on.

I loved working with Sam, and I love their podcast which, by the way, helped me prepare for the contract negotiation. Without listening to it ahead of time, I would have been completely lost!!

- Brenda, PA-S

Your PA Mentor zoom sessions were packed full of practical and useful information that I can implement right now while job hunting. As a new grad, discussing topics such as interviews, confidence, negotiation, and contract review with a seasoned PA is game changing as it shifts my perspective to a level that I cannot achieve without years of experience. I am grateful for this service!

- Michelle, PA-C