Resume Template Bundle

Level Up Your Career

If you haven’t been landing multiple job interviews, your resume isn’t working.

Good resumes = More job interviews
More job interviews = More power to negotiate salary/benefits
More money/benefits = More options
More options = More freedom
This is why you need a winning resume

Most common mistakes you’re making on your resumes:

  • You make it all about you
  • You overload your resume with job descriptions/duties rather than achievements
  • You flaunt your soft skills rather than measurable outcomes

Don't panic, I gotchu... Click below for my customizable resume templates, designed for healthcare professionals.

Here’s what you get:

  • 5 editable and customizable template designs to choose from
  • 2 templates for new graduates; 3 templates for experienced healthcare workers
  • Multiple resumes with personal summaries and job descriptions for PA, NP, MA, CNA, RN, EMT, MA, scribes, etc.
  • Step- by- step approach to formulating job descriptions that demonstrate leadership, organizational and analytical skills
  • Industry specific examples on how to write a captivating personal summary to better market yourself as the ideal candidate

* Requirement: Microsoft Word

Resumes can only be opened and edited on Microsoft Word. If you attempt to open and edit it on Google Doc or Pages, you will have formatting issues!

We are working on making this project into a Google Document very soon! Stay tuned!