What You Should Be Doing Before You Apply to PA School

CASPA opens up in less than 1 month. You’re anxious. You want to know how do I know if I’m picking the right school? What should I be doing as a Pre-PA?

This episode is all you Pre-PA and PA students.

If you’re just starting out on your Pre-PA path or ready to start applying to Physician Assistants programs, we’ve got you covered. Erin and I give you the scoop about what to do before you even start thinking about Physician Assistant school.

We’ve also got tips to make you a competitive Physician Assistant applicant and smooth your transition from PA student to Physician Assistant, Certified.

Listen in as Sam and Erin discuss:

  • The importance of prior work experience
  • What Physician Assistant life looks like
  • How to pick the best Physician Assistant program for you
  • How we really need about our program

Fair warning - we drop off major F bombs in this episode. We are not holding back!

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