What to Expect During the Onboarding Process of Your New Job

Onboarding process is the training process of a new job.

Most new grads don’t ask about the onboarding process during their interview and EKKKKK! They find themselves drowning when they are thrown into a full schedule without proper training or supervision.


Typically, the onboarding process can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the job.

Your training period in OB/GYN will be completely different from your training period in family medicine.

In this weeks podcast episode, Erin and I will answer all your burning questions:

  • What should I expect during my onboarding process?
  • Should I accept a lower hourly rate during this training process?
  • How long should I be “in training” until I can see a full patient schedule?

Listen to this episode NOW!

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