What's in your diaper bag?

⁣What’s in your diaper bag? ⠀

I used to carry my entire life in my diaper bag. Now I’ve gotten smarter and wiser and only pack the essentials. I gave up trying to carry a heavy car seat AND a loaded diaper bag! ⠀

Nowadays, I only pack: diapers, wipes, two pairs of extra clothes, breast pads, breastfeeding cover, burp rag, and my wallet. 

Currently, I’m carrying the  PipiBear Bag , extra-large capacity diaper bag. This bag is MADE for travellers with babies or just your average mom who likes to carry her entire life in a diaper bag.What I love most about this bag is that  it is massive! The bag is extremely spacious with tons of small compartments to organize all your essential baby items with easy to reach pockets. There is even a laptop pocket and a few insulated pockets for bottles.  The bag is lightweight, durable and waterproof. It can be used as a backpack, carry on, or a stroller bag. â €

I know I will be traveling with this bag for ALL my upcoming trips. Instead of carrying a diaper bag AND a carry on, I’m planning to downsize everything into this one @pipibear_official bag.⠀

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