Top 5 Baby Items to Splurge On

I read somewhere that an average middle class family spends roughly $12,000 a year on child- related expenses for the first year of the baby’s life. This includes baby furniture, toys, clothes, gadgets, diaper bags, diapers and wipes. 

The baby industry is a 23 billion dollar industry selling mothers all sorts of unnecessary baby gear. Most of these products are completely worthless. But these companies prey on new, fearful mothers who are terrified of not providing enough for their child, so they convinced us that we NEED all this junk. Truth is, babies need very little. They need milk, crib, some clothes, and a great deal of love. 

So, as a new mama, what should you actually spend your money on? For me, I splurged on items that I would use for a long period of time (at least 2 years) . Here are my top items to splurge on:

  • Stroller- We purchased the Uppababy Cruz stroller. This stroller was definitely a luxury item. We purposely chose this stroller because it is compact, lightweight, and made with high quality materials. We knew we would have multiple kids in the next few years so we plan on buying ONE stroller that would be long lasting. Uppababy is well-known for their incredible customer service. In fact, they do yearly Tune Up events where they check on the condition of your stroller. They clean and replace all parts of your stroller as needed. They actually gave us 4 new wheels free of charge recently because our wheels were outdated and stiff.  Uppababy stroller- Cruz


  • Car seat - We purchased the Mesa infant car seat that goes along with the Uppababy stroller. It’s a great, high end car seat that is well designed with comfort in mind. However, we only used it for 9 months because Theo grew out of it pretty fast. We ended up switching to the Britax Marathon car seat. I really do like the Britax car seat, but it is VERY heavy (especially when travelling), but it’s ranked highly for safety. I would invest in a toddler car seat rather than an infant car seat, or better yet, a car seat that converts from infant to toddler car seat. Uppababy Mesa Car Seat
  • Baby carrier- We went with the Ergobaby baby carrier and we love it! We use it ALL the time when we travel, especially when navigating through airport security. I also use it quite frequently while at home when doing chores or errands.  It’s such a great product to be able to carry your baby and have your hands free to do everything else.  Ergobaby carrier


  • Baby cook- We bought the Beaba Baby Cook. It’s an all-in-one baby appliance that functions as a steamer,  blender, and food warmer. I use it frequently to prepare purees, smoothies, and steamed veggies for my infant and toddler.  Beaba Baby Cook



  • Mattress- There is nothing more important than sleep. We invested in an eco-friendly, organic crib mattress. This mattress has no flame retardants, PVCs or PU foams. This is especially important because it decreases the likelihood of allergies or skin sensitivities for newborns. Naturopedic organic mattress

Do you absolutely NEED these splurge items? Absolutely not! A cheaper stroller, car seat, and mattress will work just fine. You don’t even need a baby cooking appliance - your regular blender or food processor works equally as well. These are the items that I splurged on and would recommend to any new mamas. 

Focus on the big ticket items, and save on everything else. I’ve gotten a ton of old hand me downs clothes, swings, play mats, and sleep sacks. I would also suggest buying many used baby items from Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace. 

I tell you mamas all this because I was guilty of buying some expensive items that I didn’t love or need. I was guilty of spending way too much money on a high tech fancy, magnetic high chair. I also didn’t need to buy a portable compact pack and play that I thought I would use for traveling. Turns out, every hotel has a crib or pack and play available upon request! I also spent money on an overpriced baby monitor. I should have gotten a cheaper alternative. Who really needs a high tech camera with night vision? Nobody. The point is, save where you can. Don’t buy into all these upscale baby equipment that you won’t use for more than 3-6 months. An investment in your child’s college education is far more beneficial than all of these unnecessary items combined. 

I hope this help all you new mamas out there!

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