There is no money in medicine blogs

Medicine blogs do not generate income. Fashion blogs, mom blogs, travel blogs- they all do. Very FEW medicine influencers can quit their day jobs and pursue blogging as a full time career.â €

I wanted to start a medicine blog three years ago but I  couldnt figure out my WHY. What was my ultimate goal? Was it for the money? Would I quit my job in 3 years and become a full time blogger? â €

The answer is no, absolutely not. I LOVE being ine blogsa clinician and I can’t imagine doing anything else. In order for medicine bloggers to make an income, they HAVE to accept sponsorships to compensate for their time. And, honestly, a huge part of me don’t want to do that. I don’t want to endorse a certain brand of athletic wear or hair product. ⠀

In fact, I’d be the WORST influencer because I would tell you the complete opposite - I would tell you to STOP buying shit you don’t need. I would tell you to live below your means and invest early. I would tell you to spend less watching tv and more time pursuing your passion. ⠀

And that is exactly that I am doing now. â €

I have finally come to terms with the fact that blogging is my hobby. I have no intention of generating an income from this blog. My only goal here is to simply educate my peers with EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE. It is important for clinicians to speak up on social media platforms because we simply do not have enough time to fully educate our patients in their 15 minute appointment slot. â €

There is so much misinformation floating around on the internet. Anyone can make false claims without any evidence to support it and it is completely acceptable for thousands of people to share this incorrect information. And that is terrifying.

Now, more than ever, we need more healthcare workers to speak up and speak loudly. We need to stop censorship. We need patients to understand the flaws of our medical system so together we can all fix it - one day at a time. â €

So, next time you read an educational post written by a clinician, please like, comment and share their content because it takes hours out of our days to research and extract data to provide you with FREE evidence-based medicine content.

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