Take control of your pregnancy

During my first trimester, I ate like a king. Well, a poor king. I wasn’t eating steak and lobster every day, but I did indulge in fast foods, take outs and frozen meals. I did this for a few months. 

Because I had such a horrible diet, I felt horrible. I didn’t go to the gym. I slept most hours of the days. I had little to no motivation to do anything but wallow in my misery. 

Somehow, I put myself into a deep spiral of self destruction. I couldn’t control my eating habits and I didn’t care. It wasn’t until my second trimester that I really looked into the mirror and I couldn’t even recognize myself. I let my pregnancy get the best of me. I blamed my fatigue, nausea and food aversion for my laziness. I was angry all the time and I hated being around people. 

I ate so horribly that one day, my husband asked me “are you trying to gain 60lb during this pregnancy so you can show people how easy it is to lose it? To gain more followers for your blog?” WTF? That’s the most absurd thing I have ever heard! I wasn’t intentionally trying to gain weight. It just happened. 

Then, I started to think about what he said. If I continued this route and gain 60lbs during my pregnancy, it would be such a great story to tell. I would be relatable to so many woman. People would see me as that skinny girl that gained excessive weight with her pregnancy and then lost it all with diet and exercise. He was on to something. This was definitely a great business strategy. I could do it. 

But I didn’t. This was against everything I believed in. I preach health prevention over treatment. I tell my patients every day to quit smoking before you have your first heart attack. Lose the weight before you go into a diabetic coma. Manage your chronic pain holistically so you don’t develop a narcotic addiction. 

How can say all this to my patients but do the opposite? How can I not practice what I preach? I choose not to. I choose to show you how to eat well, sleep well and lift heavy during your pregnancy. I choose to be intentional about my eating habits so I don’t gain excessive weight. I choose to practice yoga regularly to relieve my back pain.

⁣I choose to take control of my pregnancy and not let my pregnancy take control of me. 

I urge you to do the same. It all starts with health prevention. Develop healthy habits now in your 20s and 30s because it’s 100% more difficult to change these habits when you’re older.

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