Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

⁣Pre-pregnancy weight: 123lbs 

Total pregnancy weight gain: 27lbs â €

8 weeks postpartum: 126lbsâ €

Weight before 2 kids in 2017: 115lbsâ €


Most people go extreme when they diet. They sign up for challenges and go all in with healthy diet/exercise regimen. They cut out all sugar, “bad”carbs, alcohol and fats and work out 5x a week. Once they obtain their desired weight, they then go to the other extreme and binge eat when the challenge is over. ⠀

This overall results in nothing. No net gain. No net loss. For this reason, I hate dieting and hate challenges. I believe in maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen all year round. â €

And I’ve been mostly good with that in the last few years - except when I’m pregnant with gestational diabetes (both times). Because I was placed on such a strict RESTRICTIVE diet, I tend to overload on carbs after my delivery. ⠀

Currently, I’m 8 weeks postpartum and 4lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. But my body looks and feels different. ⠀

I joined a new gym that just happens to be known for their 6 week challenge program. The goal of this challenge is to lose 6% body fat. This challenge includes: access, to the gym facility, personalized meal plan and  an accountability coach. ⠀⠀

I joined this challenge for one reason only: accountability. I perform my best when I have someone making sure I actually eat a balanced diet and work out routinely for weeks and weeks and weeks (despite any craziness going on in my life) until it becomes habitual. â €

While I would love to shed 6% body fat in six weeks, I’m not going to beat myself up for it if I fail. I’m currently nursing my baby and he is my number one priority. If my milk supply starts to drop, I will not hesitate to increase my caloric intake. ⠀

I remind myself this is just a start. This is where I am postpartum. My challenge doesn’t end after 6 weeks. My challenge is lifelong. It will always be a challenge for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a high quality diet and exercise regimen. But I will do it and I will do consistently because one day I want see my great grand babies do extraordinary things.

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