Face mask for COVID19?

Let’s talk face mask. ⠀

There’s two main types of medical masks:⠀

✅ Medical face mask⠀

✅ N-95 respirator face mask⠀

Medical face mask fits loosely around the face. It is meant for wearers to prevent spreading sprays or droplets from coughing and sneezing. This mask is intended for healthcare workers, anyone who is sick with coughing, sneezing, and congestion symptoms, and any caretakers of sick individuals. â €

N95 respirator face mask is fitted much more tightly around the face. It is meant for wearers to prevent inhalation of small infectious airborne particles. This mask is only meant to be worn by HEALTHCARE workers who have been fitted and tested for it. â €

Medical masks are NOT meant for healthy individuals trying to “protect themselves” from contracting the flu or Coronavirus. There is no evidence that suggest wearing a medical mask prevents healthy individuals from becoming ill. ⠀

When healthy people buy these masks in an attempt to prevent contracting a respiratory illness, they are stealing from the healthcare professionals. It’s selfish and unnecessary. ⠀

We would never send our soldiers into a war without weapons so why send our healthcare workers, who are at the forefront of this pandemic, in to treat these sick patients without masks?!?! â €

There is a HUGE shortage of medical and N95 masks in the healthcare industry right now. I beg you, please stop buying them! â €

If you want to look like a ninja, wear an old ninja mask you have laying around from Halloween. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t be a trendsetter and wear these masks inappropriately.

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