COVID19 Update 3/9/20

Brace yourself. Are you ready for this? You’re about to see the numbers of Coronavirus climb up significantly in the US in the next few weeks. ⠀

â €

Why? Because two of the largest commercial  laboratories (Lab Quest and Lab Corp) have announced they have Coronavirus testing ready to go. This means, providers may soon be able to order these test for their patients. â €

As of today, the US has a little over 500 confirmed cases and 21 deaths. The mortality rate (death rate) is 4.1%. While this may seem high, remember that in the US, we ONLY tested the sickest patients. We didn’t test 35 year old Karen who CrossFits 4x a week or 22 year old Matt who has never been hospitalized a day in his life. ⠀

Now, in contrast, South Korea tested 140,000 patients and has documented roughy 7,000 confirmed cases with 52 deaths, making that a 0.6% mortality rate! â €

So, what does this tell you? This means that once we have more access to COVID-19 testing, we will likely see the mortality rates decrease in the US. â €


Before you go running to the nearest urgent care or ER, stop and consider two things:

▶️The Coronavirus is still a VIRUS. If you were to test positive for the COVID-19, the treatment is not an antibiotic or anti-viral. The treatment remains the same for any upper respiratory illness- symptomatic treatments (ie: Tylenol for fever reduction, cough syrups for coughing episodes, etc).⠀⠀

▶️COVID-19 testing may not be available at your nearest clinic or hospital due to its high demand so call in advance to confirm. ⠀

The CDC recommends people who are immunocompromised to avoid long flights, crowded spaces or other potentially high risk situations. ⠀⠀

You can protect themselves by washing your hands frequently, avoid sick contact, avoid touching your eyes/ nose/ mouth and stay home if you’re sick. ⠀

The CDC does not recommend going to Costco and hoarding all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer so please be reasonable and save the Charmin brand toilet paper for those who need it most- like myself. 😂 Thank you! ⠀

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