Covid-19: Not All Superheroes Wear Masks, But They All Need PPE

Medicine is a business. I am reminded of that every day when I walk into work. And I fucking hate it.

I hate that hospital administrators and business executives control us. â €

They dictate how many patients we need to see per hour and which medication we can and cannot prescribe. They strip us of our autonomy and train us to take shortcuts to reduce healthcare cost. â €

This is everything that is wrong with the healthcare profession.â €

For the longest time, we allowed them to treat us this way. We took their abuse and we suffered in silence. â €

This time, it is different. In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare workers everywhere are finally speaking up. â €

There are stories surfacing of hospital administrators reprimanding nurses for wearing handmade masks when they ran out of N95 masks. There are stories  of surgeons refusing to perform elective surgeries without proper personal protective equipment (PPE). There are screen shots of emails from hospital administrators threatening their employees for speaking about COVID-19 specific caseloads and the conditions of the hospitals. â €

Some hospitals even go as far as firing their physicians for demanding PPE for their staff when supplies are diminished. â €

This is unacceptable behavior. We are healthcare workers. We are not criminals. We should have the right to educate the public the reality of COVID-19 so they can understand the severity of the situation and advocate for us. â €

We need PPE for ALL frontline workers right now. The government and hospital administrators should be supplying us with n95 masks, gloves, gowns, eye protection, and hazmat suits! This should NOT be a discussion. This is a necessity to keep all our healthcare workers safe. â €

Because when you’re sick, who do you think is going to save your life? ⠀

Not all superheroes wear capes, but we all need PPE. â €

Help us. Save us. Because if not, @heidigoodarzimd said #wewillwalk. Who’s going to save your life then? ⠀

📸: @karlalalabamba (PACU/ CVICU RN)

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