COVID-19: Why you should wear a mask in public

Researchers at USF have analyzed over 40 scientific journals have found that wearing a basic cloth mask can be effective in reducing virus transmission in public. Countries like Hong Kong, Mongolia, and South Korea, which are all located in close proximity to China, have this pandemic under control. None of these countries have been on lockdown, so how are they able to control the spread of this virus? The answer is simple - they ALL wear masks in public. â €

The point of wearing a mask in public is to protect others; not necessarily to protect yourself. We know that more than 20% of patients infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic and their viral load is particularly high in the early stages of this disease. When these people talk, yawn, cough or sneeze, those droplets from their mouth can infect others. By wearing a mask, we block the droplets from transmitting the infection to those around us. ⠀⠀

It has been recommended for years that for respiratory infections like influenza, affected patients should wear mask to limit droplet spread. These masks can reduce transmission of virus by 50%. So why would we not do the same for Coronavirus?â €

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises against the use of cloth or homemade masks due to the lack of evidence that supports that a cloth mask protects healthy individuals from contracting the virus.  However, the absence of evidence of effectiveness should not be equated to the evidence of ineffectiveness. Wearing a mask may not necessarily protect yourself, but it will in fact protect everyone else. â €

There has been rumors that the CDC may change their guidelines and recommendations soon and advise the general public to wear a cloth mask in public. â €

Personally, I would advise everyone to wear a basic cloth mask in public. Please DO NOT purchase a N95 or medical mask. Reserve these masks for healthcare workers who need it most to care for high risk patients. Also, as an reminder, everyone should still wash their hands frequently and avoid touching their  face. â €

Google Jermey Howard on YouTube and watch him talk about the importance of wearing mask and how you can make one without a sewing machine!

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