COVID-19: I no longer have job security

Last week, I got notification that my maternity benefits officially ended and I got the green light from the legal department to return to work.  Two days later, I received an email from the company informing us that all providers will have their hours reduced given the significant decrease in the volume at the clinics (due to recent statewide shutdown). ⠀⠀

I volunteered to return to work early because I felt obligated to do so, but I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of relief I felt when I heard my services were no longer needed. â €

I started talking to some of my colleagues and they told me stories of outpatient practices firing or furloughing their providers during this global health care crisis. â €

Then it hit me. I no longer have job security. â €

We just bought a house. My husband started a new job 6 months ago. We just had a new baby. What the hell? Are we in a recession now?â €

I didn’t want to panic. I did what any Type A person would do. I googled “How to prepare for a recession”. ⠀

I must have read over 15 articles. And every article told me the same things. â €

✔ Pay off all your debt⠀

✔ Boost your emergency savings fund ⠀

✔ Identify ways to cut down on your spending ⠀

✔ Live below your means ⠀

✔ Continue your education and build up your skills ⠀

This is exactly what my husband and I have been doing for the last 3 years. I never realized we were preparing for a recession the whole time. â €

We live by the words of Dave Ramsey and we learned to get out of debt by paying off all my student loans aggressively and living below our means. ⠀⠀

Today, I’m thankful that we have some sort of emergency savings to hold a roof over our head. I know not every one has this luxury.⠀

These are difficult times. People are hurting. But I remind myself that this is only temporary. This too shall pass. â €

Until then, it is important that we check in on our friends, learn to be smarter with our finances and help out one another where we can.â €

How are you coping during this time? What are you doing to help those around you?

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