How I feel when I hear non- medical professionals give advice about the Coronavirusâ €

First, let’s just start with this: 

Stop. Panicking. About. The. Coronavirus! Don’t feed into the hysteria. 

I really didn’t want to comment on the Coronavirus but so many of you have asked me my thoughts about it. ⠀

And I’m so sick of hearing all these non-medical professionals give terrible advice on ways to “protect themselves” during this pandemic. ⠀⠀

If you are young and healthy, you will most likely survive the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus affects those who are immunocompromised the most. â €

Here are some basic tips to protect yourself and ease your anxiety: â €

DON'T: ⠀⠀

✅Don’t buy a military grade gas mask to protect yourself ⠀

✅Don’t buy N95 mask in bulk if you’ve never been tested and fitted for one before. Save it for those who need it most⠀

✅Don’t live your life in fear thinking this virus is going to kill you ⠀

✅Don’t flood the Urgent Care or ER when you have minor symptoms of a cold⠀

✅Don’t ask to be tested for the coronavirus when you are at low risk (most clinics don’t offer these tests anyways) ⠀⠀

DO:â €

✅Wash your hands frequently ⠀

✅Stay home when you’re sick ⠀

✅Seek immediate medical attention if you have been exposed to someone diagnosed with Coronavirus or have traveled to China ⠀

✅Go to the CDC website and educate yourself ⠀

✅Remain calm at all times ⠀

Signed, â €

Your favorite urgent care PA

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