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“If you can’t explain atrial fibrillation to a fifth grader, then you don’t know atrial fibrillation.”⠀

“You’re not impressing anyone when you speak to your patients with all your medical jargon”. ⠀

“Your patients only absorb 25% of what you say so say it slowly and repeat it again and again and again and maybe after the third visit, they’ll hear you”. ⠀

Those were the words my mentor instilled in me when I was fresh out of PA school. â €

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on medicine. I wanted you to understand medicine from the perspective of a clinician. I wanted to explain WHY we say no to antibiotics and WHY we don’t want to give you a pill for your chronic pain. I wanted to advocate health prevention over treatment. I wanted to show you our daily internal struggles with how we were TAUGHT to practice medicine and how it’s actually done  in the real world. â €

And somewhere along the lines, I forgot my mission. â €

Because when I post a cute photo of my husband and I all dressed up at a holiday party, I get 500 likes. This requires no thought process or effort. â €

But when I spend 2 hours trying to write anything remotely medical related, I get 55 likes. And no responses. CRICKETS. â €

And that KILLS my ego. â €

It’s so vain to care about likes and followers but at the same time, I want that reassurance that my voice is being heard. I want to know that there is value to this free service that I am providing that takes away time from my kids. ⠀

So, I stopped and reevaluated. I reminded myself - F*** the followers. Forget about the likes. Just write. And educate. â €

When the general public understands the medical system from the view of a provider, then they’d be more understanding and compassionate towards us. Then maybe they  wouldn’t yell or sue us so often. Or maybe they would understand that we are on the their team. â €

And maybe, just maybe, if we educate our patients enough, we wouldn’t have providers leave the profession after they have paid off their student loans. ⠀

â €

That’s far more important than having thousands of followers. ⠀

â €

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